Indigenous Education

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have a right to an education free from prejudice and racism, an education that provides students with the skills for full participation in Australian society.  Lutheran Schools Association in SA, NT & WA provides an education that reinforces the unique identity and heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

We are committed to achieving Reconciliation and recognise that appropriate education is fundamental to this process.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures are taught in all schools.

We acknowledge the need to improve the participation of Australian people through inclusive practices, embracing diversity as an essential part of God’s creation.

We promote the active role of schools in nurturing and supporting the development of each person’s potential.  Lutheran schools value and encourage genuine, equal partnerships with parents, care-givers and families of Indigenous Australian students.

Lutheran Schools Association in SA, NT & WA has five priority areas:

  • Lutheran schooling promotes equitable outcomes for Indigenous students
  • Indigenous Australian students become successful learners
  • Indigenous Australian students become confident and creative individuals
  • The equitable rights of Indigenous Australians are acknowledged by Lutheran Schools
  • All students are active and informed citizens.

There are a large number of documents in this section of the website not visible and only available to schools via member login. If you have a relationship with a Lutheran School and require access to these documents please contact us at the Lutheran Schools Association office to make request. 

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The students at St Martins Lutheran College made Reconciliation flags