The LSA in Context

LEA (Lutheran Education Australia) Mission, Vision & Purpose

Go to the LEA Website  Login as a member and select “About LEA”. (For information about gaining member access, see Websites - LEA in this Handbook)

Affiliated Associations, Departments & Programs

A document entitled Affiliated Associations and  Programs explaining the functions and responsibilities of these can be accessed here.
• Lutheran Schools Association [LSA]
• Lutheran Education Australia [LEA]
• Association of Independent Schools [AISSA]
• Targeted Programs Authority [TPA Independent Schools]
• Block Grant Authority [BGA Independent Schools]
• Department of Education (Federal)

The structure of LSA Office - LSA Organisation Chart 

LSA Council and Sub-committees

The Terms of Reference for the council and sub committees are outlined in the
LSA Constitution.

LSA Council Membership 2015

Members of sub committees 2015

LSA Strategic Intentions

LSA Strategic Intentions 2015 – 2018


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