School Performance - Accountability

School Performance Measures

Reporting obligations under the Australian Education Act 2013, require Independent schools to publicly report a range of school performance information on their school website within six months after the end of the program year. The performance measures which all schools are required to publicly report are listed below.

1. Contextual information about the school, including the characteristics of students at the school;
2. Teacher standards and qualifications (as mandated in the State or Territory in which the school is located);
3. Workforce composition, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander composition;
4. Student attendance at school, including:
(i) attendance rates for each year of schooling; and
(ii) a description of how non-attendance is managed by the school;
5. Student outcomes in standardised national literacy and numeracy testing;
6. Parent, student and teacher satisfaction with the school, including (if applicable) data collected using the National School Opinion Survey;
7. For a school that provides secondary education:
 (i) Senior secondary outcomes, including the percentage of year 12 students undertaking vocational training or training in a trade; and
(ii) the percentage of year 12  students attaining a year 12 certificate or equivalent vocational education and training qualification;
8. Post school destinations for a school that provides secondary education;
9. School income broken down by funding source.

Reporting Method and Timelines

The Regulations specify that a school must,
(a) Make the information publicly available on the Internet; and
(b) Make arrangements to provide the information, on request, to a person who is responsible for a student and is unable to access the Internet.

It is advisable that schools consider carefully how they will present the required data in order to enhance its clarity and impact on the anticipated audience. While there is no specific requirement in the legislation to report all the data at the same time and in one section of the internet, the term “school annual reports‟ in correspondence suggests that there is an expectation that the data will be collated in one form and in one place. Information which is presented in a simple and clear manner is likely to be of most benefit to parents.

Schools are required to report the above information on their own website AND send a copy  to the LSA office so that LSA can sign off as a system on behalf of all LSA schools - email to

Data from the previous year must be on your school's website, and a copy sent to the LSA before the end of June. 

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