LExICON - National Staff Database

LExICON is a national database of all staff in Lutheran schools and centres.  It is vital that schools maintain accurate staff records (in addition to school records) as the database is used for:
• LEA Statistical Reports
• Accreditation records and progress
• Recording service in Lutheran schools (for service recognition awards)
• Recording compliance training (e.g. Valuing Safe Communities)
• Maintaining staff contact details between schools (Who’s Who)
• Providing statements of service for teachers
• In addition, many other reports can be created for school and regional use.

Each learning community has at least one LExICON Administrator - Principals should ensure that maintenance of LExICON is written into the administrator’s job description.  Their task is to ensure that staff employed or leaving your school/centre are updated as soon as possible.

For more general information contact heather.waring@lsa.lutheran.edu.au

For information about Accreditation contact phyllis.vosgerau@lsa.lutheran.edu.au

For technical assistance, contact the LEA office – lea@lutheran.edu.au

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