Criminal History Checks

LSA Commitment to Child Protection

While Teacher Registration ensures the maximum extent of screening for teaching staff, Principals/Directors are  to make themselves familiar with the current requirements for non teaching staff and volunteers. Please refer to the documents below:

  • The current requirements for each state/territory
  • A comparison of screening extent, application time and costs (for SA learning communities upgrading from police checks)

Registering for DCSI Screening

Learning Communities must register with the DCSI Screening Unit so that their employees and volunteers can submit their screening applications online. Registration involves recording your organisation's details into the online screening system which will enable the Screening Unit to set up permissions, payment functions and confidentiality requirements. There is no initial cost to register. Please note that an invoice account can only be set up if you expect over 100 applicants a year, otherwise payment (by either organisation or applicant) would be by credit card.
For more information about registering your organisation for online screening, refer to this information link: 

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