Personal / Carer’s leave

The Enterprise Agreement (clause 20) refers to the National Employment Standards (NES) which defines who is eligible for Personal and Carer’s leave.
See  . A tab on the page includes a definition of family / household. There is a link on this tab (called paid sick and carer’s leave) which includes a description of sick leave events and emergencies.
Advice: A key is providing a consistent response to all staff.

Clause 20.3 of the 2015 LSA SA enterprise agreement advises the personal leave entitlement is 10 days, at the commencement of the initial year of service and at the commencement of each succeeding year of service, for full time employees (pro-rata for part time employees). Note that the amount of sick leave for some teachers (as defined in  clause 20.2) is 15 days per year. Unused personal leave accumulates infinitely.

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