Our Beliefs

Lifelong Qualities

As central to their mission and ministry, Lutheran schools seek to nurture INDIVIDUALS who are aware of their humanity, open to the influence of the Holy Spirit and growing in and living according to a cohesive worldview.

While ...

LIVING IN COMMUNITY and reflecting characteristics of God through core values - especially love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation

and ...

CONTRIBUTING to COMMUNITIES by being self directed, insightful investigators and learners, discerning, resourceful problem-solvers, creative producers, contributors, responsive communicators, principled, resiliant leaders, collaborators, caring, steadfast supporters and advocates.

Beliefs about Learners

All Learners ...

  • are valued for who they are and whose they are
  • need encouragement and deserve respect
  • learn in different ways and at different rates
  • need to learn to learn
  • have the ability to learn
  • learn best when they experience success, take reposibility for their learning, can work independently and collaboratively, are exposed to meaningful subject matter, are authentically challenged in their learning and assessment and have high learning expectations presented to them in achievable ways.

Beliefs about Learning

Learning ...

  • goes beyond the Academic: it includes the Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Social.
  • is Transformational
  • is Lifelong
  • involves learners progressing through Developmental Cycles
  • occurs best when Individual Needs are met
  • occurs best in a Context
  • is driven by Curiosity and Inquiry
  • builds on Previous Knowledge, Experiences and Understanding

Beliefs about Learning Communities

Our School Communities

  • believe all people are Learners
  • Are Safe and Supportive learning environments that facilitate active learning
  • Value Diversity and encourage Reflective Practice and Productive Feedback
  • Are strengthened by having a Shared Vision and Common Core Beliefs
  • Reflect upon and Respond to the world of today
  • Intentionally develop Learning Cultures