2. General Functions of the Council

  • Fiduciary
  • Strategic
  • Generative

The Council shall exercise three general functions, namely to:
advise the Executive Director and on any matter brought before it where that advice is considered useful and appropriate;

approve particular policies, positions or strategic directions that work in the interests of maintaining and improving the LSA’s overall performance profile; and

monitor the LSA policies, positions and strategic directions to ensure that the LSA is working in harmony with Council intentions.

In accordance with the distinction made between governance and management, the role of the Council is to advise, inform and recommend on matters brought forward for consideration, not to handle those matters which properly belong to the administration of the LSA staff.

The Council shall discuss, confirm and approve policies or strategic directions but shall not be involved in their implementation or execution. Similarly, the Council shall authorise monitoring and evaluation of how policies are being implemented in the LSA but shall not intervene in the administration to perform the evaluation process itself.

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