LSA Committees

Education Committee

Member                                    Member Type
 Michelle Keller                       Council Member – Chair
Andrew Messenger                 Primary Principal
Ruth Zimmermann                  Primary Teacher
Michelle Keller                         Primary Teacher
Briony Carman                        Secondary Teacher
Jenny Schapel                         Kindergarten representative
Jayne Zadow                           Indigenous Education Committee representative

Finance Committee

Member                                                       Member Type
Craig Fielke                                          Secondary Principal
Graeme Kluske                                    Primary Business Manager
Darren Cossens                                   Secondary Business Manager
David Wilksch                                      Primary Principal
Neil Leek                                              Combined Business Manager 
Daryl Trigg                                           LSA Council Representative


Workplace Culture and Practice Committee

To be established 

Indigenous Education Committee

Member Type                                    Member
Committee Chair                              Jayne Zadow - St Michael's, Hahndorf
Parent Representative                     (vacant)
Teacher with Indigenous Focus      David Field - Maitland
Educator from Wider Field              (vacant)
One representative from each of 5 schools with highest Indigenous enrolment:
    Unity, Murray Bridge                   Shirley Hartman
    Yirara College                             Sally Axten 
    Tatachilla, McLaren Vale            Dolores Amos
    Crossways Lutheran School       Kelly Taylor


LSA Consultants to the Committee:
     John Proeve, Executive Director
     Rod Wearn, Education Leader
     Mignon Weckert, Educational Leadership Director